Aidan Knight (Songwriting)

Aidan Knight is a songwriter and performer, born in Victoria, BC where he still resides. Musically, Knight inhabits a place in-between classic songwriters such as Julee Sill, The Band and Steve Earle, but continues to shape and stretch folk, pop and experimental music with his live collaborators (Julia Wakal, Olivier Clements, Colin Nealis, and David Barry). Electronic autoharp, flugelhorns, live looping, and octaved viola are all staples of Knight’s sound, both live and in the studio. His music has been compared to Andrew Bird, Steve Reich, and Wilco.

During the two years leading up to 2010’s Versicolour, Knight was a player and performer with bands such as Hannah Georgas, The Zolas, Dan Mangan, David Vertesi, Maurice, and many more. 2010 started with slow reveal of Versicolour, and the first glimpse of a new songwriting voice. It ended with awards from CBC Radio; performances with Patrick Watson, Frank Black (The Pixies), Damien Jurado, Tegan & Sara, Dan Mangan, Karkwa, and many others. Versicolour landed on best-of lists across the country and Knight’s 7″/EP “Friendly Fires” followed up his incredible year, transforming himself from a backing musician to a creative frontman. Knight and his band have been touring throughout 2011 while spending the past 6 months writing and readying a new LP.


One Response to “Aidan Knight (Songwriting)”

  1. I saw “said the whale” perform at my school. They are amazing. I hope they drop by again in the new year!

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