Announcing 2013 IGNITE! Mentorships

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We’re back for another year of mentorships. This year we’re offering more than ever before with mentorships in three new disciplines.

We’ve also moved. click here to see our new line up and find out how to apply.


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Applications for all of our 2012 Mentorship Programs are now available.  Download them here and tell all of your friends to do the same.

Deadlines are as follows:

Songwriting- January 15th, 2012
Spoken Word- January 15th, 2012
Dance- February 15th, 2012
Directing- February 15th, 2012
Playwriting- May 1st, 2012

If you have any questions about applying, please call The Cultch’s Youth Program Manager at 604-251-1766.

Good luck!





2012 Mentors Confirmed!!!

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We are thrilled to announce our roster of mentors for the 2012 edition of the Cultch’s IGNITE! Mentorship Program. We are so excited to welcome back many of the talented artists we’ve worked with in the past. This high rate of return is a testament to just how much fun people have with this program.

We are equally excited by our new recruits. They include Kathryn Calder of the New Pornographers, Victoria-based singer-songwriter Aiden Knight, acclaimed stage director Stephen Drover, and local dance instigator Amber Funk Barton.

Here is the full roster for IGNITE! 2012:

Josh Martin
Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg
Amber Funk Barton

Kendra Fanconi
Adrienne Wong
Stephen Drover

Play Writing:
Amiel Gladstone
Dave Deveau
Michele Riml

Giorgio Magnanensi
Kathryn Calder
Aiden Knight

Spoken Word:
Barbara Adler
Brendan McLeod
RC Weslowski

The application forms will be updated next week, at which point you and all your friends should start putting your applications together. We certainly look forward to receiving them.

2012 Mentorship Program Announcement Coming Soon!

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We are thrilled to announce that the IGNITE! Mentorship Program will be back for another year. We are busy confirming the 2012 faculty. Check back in mid-November for full details and to learn how to apply!

Applications will be due mid-January, 2012. Program will begin in February, 2012.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


2011 Mentorship Program details are here!

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We’re back for another amazing year!


“All in all, IGNITE! has been one of the best experiences of my life.”
-Jennifer Bednard, 2010 Playwriting Mentorship Participant

The Cultch’s Youth Program is proud to present the fourth season of our IGNITE! Mentorship Program. IGNITE! is designed to offer youth in Vancouver unprecedented access to professional artists and to demystify what it takes to build a career in the arts.

In 2011 we will be offering mentorship programs in Songwriting, Spoken Word, Dance, Directing, and Playwriting.

The program is free for young artists between the ages of 13-24 who want to pursue a career in the arts. Each participant is paired with a professional for a series of participant-driven one-on-one workshops. In addition, the youth receive skill building workshops with industry professionals in areas such as grant writing and media relations, an opportunity to document their work in a professional studio environment, and a showcase performance on the Cultch’s stage.

The Cultch has recruited an amazing roster of mentors for the 2010/2011 season. They are:

Noam Gagnon (Holy Body Tattoo)
Susan Elliott (Anatomica)
Josh Martin (605 Collective)

Kendra Fanconi (The Only Animal)
Adrienne Wong (Neworld Theatre)
James Long (Theatre Replacement)

Amiel Gladstone
Dave Deveau
Michele Riml

Spoken Word:
Barbara Adler
Brendan McLeod
RC Weslowski

Veda Hille
Tyler Bancroft (Said the Whale)
Giorgio Magnanensi (Vancouver New Music)

Full program and application details are available right here, right now.

Contact Youth Program Manager, Corbin Murdoch for more information:

2010/2011 Information Coming Soon

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We are thrilled to announce that the IGNITE! Mentorship Program will be back for another year during The Cultch’s 2010/2011 season.

Once again we will be offering one-on-one mentorship opportunities in Play Writing, Directing, Spoken Word, Song Writing/Composition, and Dance/Choreography.

Stay tuned for program details and the announcement of our 2010/2011 mentors. For further information, please contact Youth Program Managar Corbin Murdoch at 604-251-1766 or

2010/2011 Play Writing Mentoship: submissions now being accepted

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To participate in the 2010/2011 Playwriting Mentorship Program beginning next fall, you must submit a one-act play to the 2010 Young Playwrights Competition. The three winners of that competition will become the participants in next year’s Play Writing Mentorship and will have their work premiered at the 2011 IGNITE! Youth Festival.

Please click here and scroll down to Playwriting to learn how to make an application to the Young Playwrights Competition. The application deadline is May 1st, 2010.

The 2009/2010 Play Writing Mentorship program is currently underway. We are currently accepting submissions for the 2010/2011 Mentorship.

The three winners of the 2009 Young Playwrights Competition, Christine Quintana, Jennifer Bednard, and Deborah Vogt, have been paired with three of Canada’s premiere playwrights: Shawn Macdonald, Michele Riml, and Amiel Gladstone. Working closely with their mentor, the three participants will be editing and redrafting their winning submissions, preparing the scripts to handed off to the participants in the 2010 Directing Mentorship, who will produce the plays as part of the 2010 IGNITE! Youth Arts festival.

The three shows will run Monday, May 17th to Saturday, May 22nd in The VanCity Culture Lab at The Cultch.

This process will repeat itself next year.


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A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who applied for the 2010 IGNITE! Mentorship Program.  The application deadlines for 2009/2010 have now passed and the 25 participants have been selected.

The final performances created by the participants in the dance, songwriting, and spoken word mentorship programs will take place on May 13th, 14th, and 15th, respectively, at The Cultch.

The plays written by the participants in the play writing mentorship program and directed by the participants in the directing mentorship program will run from May 17th-23rd, also at The Cultch.

Check back here again soon for full performance details, or contact Youth Program Manager Corbin Murdoch at 604-251-1766 ext 105. If you a young actor interested in performing in one of our one-act plays, please contact Corbin.

Deadline for Directing, Songwriting, and Spoken Word is Tuesday, February 2nd!

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We’ve selected 7 young dance-artists to participate in the 2010 Dance Mentorship Program. Thanks to all of those who made an application.

The deadline for the Directing, Songwriting, and Spoken Word mentorships is coming right up on February 2nd.  If you are an artist between the ages of 13-24 there is no reason not to apply. The program is 100% free and it will link you up with some of the most exciting artists working in Vancouver today.

Visit the APPLY NOW! page for full application information.

Full application information up now!

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We are now accepting applications for IGNITE! 2010.

All the information you’ll need is up now on the APPLY NOW page. Download an application form and apply today.

Remember, the program is 100% free, there is no reason not to apply.